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Take full control of your retail store and move your business to the next level

Our Inventory Software is a solution for products sales, online store, inventory and accounting management solution. It offers all the tools needed to sell your products. PoS is what you need to monitor your retail business. With PointofSale you can sell your products online and sell in your store location. It helps to reduce losses, eliminate theft, ensures accountabilities and accuracies. With PointofSales you will have 100% control of your business with just little time and attention.

Get unparallel freedom of choice, boost your business value with customer-proven best practice and simplify your business infrastructure for alignment and scale. Plucom Cloud Services is an essential and powerful tools needed to transform your businesses management and move it to the next level.

Simplify process automation for requistions and request approval, payment approval, expenses approval, budget approval, items approval, logistic process flow, change management, IT resources management, human resources management and much more. Web-based, customizable, end-to-end process management solution that will helps reduce costs and achieve greater transparency.

Enjoy the flexibility, speed, scalability, and ease of business management.

Easily set up your store  inventory, sell products, process payment, print receipts and get real-time inventory, sales and customer reports. Streamline retail checkout process for your staff and customers. Track sales and customers on realtime, spot trends, gain insight and manage your business with just few click. SalesPro is easy to navigate and is compatible with all devices.

Key Benefits of Our Inventory and Point of Sale Software

Monitor - All that you need to monitor your business accounts. It will help you to reduce running cost, eliminate losses, ensures accountabilities and record accuracies. Gain 100% control of your business with just little time and attention.

Manage - Easily set up your products and services, make retail product sales, track invoices and payments. Get real-time inventory report, sales report and customer reports.

Accessiblity & Flexibility - PointofSales powerfull dashboard offers the quickiest way of managing and setting up products, services, add customer, making sales and collect payments all in one page.

Communication - Contacts and communications with customers and suppliers cannot be easier. View contacts details, send sms or email to individual or group.

Keeps Track - All operational and management activities can be track online and realtime. With intutitive dashboards one can easy glance through key figures to make instant decision and know status of things.

Key Features of Our Inventory and Point of Sale Software

• Unlimited products
• Unlimited customers
• Unlimited sales order
• Unlimited invoice
• Cloud, SaaS
• E-commerce integration
• Online payment integration
• Scalable
• Secure data storage
• Data backup
• 24/7 support
• Flexible & easy to use
• Sell online
• Products Management
• Inventory Management
• Purchase Order Management
• Point of Sales
• Sales Orders & Invoicing
• Payments
• Inventory Adjustment
• Purchase Orders
• Sell Online
• Customers & Suppliers
• Income and Expenses
• Item Return
• Financials & Management Reports
• Contacts & Communications
• Intuitive Dashboards
• Online Payment

If you are ready to transform your business, ensure sustainabilty, improve performance and productivity, reduce cost of running business, track growth and gain insight, you are about to make the right choice. To get started contact us today or speak to our expert to discuss your project with us and also to request a quotation.

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