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Cloud Core Banking, Investment And Financial Services Management Software

Robust and comprehensive solutions, that provides simplified and rich core functionalities for Micro-Finance Bank, Cooperative Society, Thrift/Daily Savings, Lenders, Fintechs, Finance House and Non-Micro Finance Bank

Wide range of features and functionalities for retail and corporate financial services management. Equip your business with innovative solution, technology expertise and real world industry experience

Trusted by Fintech Startups, Microfinance Banks, Lenders and Finance Houses. featuring customers and savings account management, mobile and online self-service for customers, revenue, performance and risk management, credit and loan management and payment processing.

FinServ Banking Software already helping financial service providers to simplify operations, satisfy their customers, improve producivity and save cost of management without compromising quality of service delivery.

Finserv offers and enable cloud-based digital banking platform. It help financial institutions to confidently grow, adapt quickly, and build a thriving financial institution. A robust and comprehensive suite, that provides rich core functionality for retail and corporate banks, digital banks & lenders, EMIs, MFIs and Fintechs integrated with an innovated and efficiently designed digital banking ecosystem.

Save time and money without compromising the quality of your services. We are offering flexible and affordable pricing for everyone. No hidden cost and you will have full access to all Finserv functionalities and modules. Contact us to learn more on how our customer experience digital banking tranformation.

Key Benefits of FINSERV

Simplify - With digital bankinf solution, operation are well simplified with automation of processes ande departmental workflow

Efficiency - Business become more efficient by removing bottlenecks and focus shifted to the most important aspect of financial services

Transparency - Enhanced transparency and accessibility improve customer loyalty and trust leaving the monies with finacial service providers

Gain Insight - Reports and data analysis help financial operator to have knowledge of performaces using different critical parameters

Real-Time - All transactions approved on all accounts are processed immediately within seconds after they occur on the system

End-to-End - System Intelligent ensure all transactions initiated are well completed and closed with capability to track incomplete transactions

Compliance - The system ensure compliant with basic financial service rules and regulations as stipulate by the financial regulators

Productivity - The system ensure resources are well utilized and shared which inturn improve account officer's productivity

Safety ℜ Security - Access control ensure all your data are safe and secured within the platform plus the system also offer data replication services

Wide range of features and functionalities for retail and corporate financial services management

• Customers management
• Products (bank, loan and investment )
• Accounts management
• Deposit, Withdrawal & Transfer
• Transaction Approval
• Balance & Statement
• Balance & Statement
• Transaction Summary
• Alerts & Notifications
• Charges & Rates
• Credit & Loans
• Multiple Branch
• Digital Banking
• Performance
• Risk management and control
• Reports & Analysis
• Omnichannel
• Help Desk

If you are ready to transform your business, ensure sustainabilty, improve performance and productivity, reduce cost of running business, track growth and gain insight, you are about to make the right choice. To get started contact us today or speak to our expert to discuss your project with us and also to request a quotation.

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