Plucom is offering digital transformation solutions for individual & businesses

We build, design & develop innovative technology solutions to simplify, transform and power the way things are done in real-life. Leveraging on our cloud SaaS apps, enterprise products, industry solutions, web services, software services etc.

Featured technology products & software solutions
Plucom Business
Simply and transform your business operations, processes and workflows with software development solutions & support services. Select solution by industry and by technology and business needs
Cloud SaaS Apps
All the tools you need to simplify and improve business operation. All in one place. Scalable software services, ERP software, cloud services, SaaS and custom applications.
Live Chat for Websites
WebChat is a free live chat to quickly connect with your website visitors and convert leads. Capture visitors contacts such name, email address and phone no. It's easy to install. Just copy and paste the code to your website.
Plucom Web Services
Stay informed with trending stories, world news, politics and sports. Search for classified information on the web such as news, images, music, jobs and local business.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software
A complete information and knowledge based services that help medical practitional to improve decision making, quality of care, service delivery and measure performance.

EMR 360 is an innovative cloud based electroc medical records software helping to connect all health center departments, processes by automating and transforming entire administrative, patient records, servce billing, clinical services, medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment, medications and reporting.
Requisition Workflow and E-Procurement Software
Incorporate all the tools needed to centralize and run your purchasing. Manage organizational spending through the efficient, cost-effective procurement of goods and services operation.

Simplify Purchasing Automation, Efficiency and Control for Requisitions, Projects, Approval Matrix, Budgets, Vendors, Items, Requisition Approval, Request For Quotation (RFQ), Quotation Submission, Quotation Analysis, Vendor Selection, Request Orders, etc
Cloud Business Management Software
From basic customer account, to products & services management, point of sales, service billing, invoicing, payments and financial accounting.

Plucom OneBusiness offers simple, comprehensive and affordable business management solutions that fits perfectly with small business by providing solutions for all daily front office and back office operations, administrative and management operations,  financial transactions, etc.
Property and Real Estate Management Software
Comprehensive Real Estate Management Solution for Property Managers, Landlords, Surveyors, Estate Valuers and Real Estate Agents.

RentPro is a complete comprehensive web-based property, real estate and estate management solution for property managers, home owners and real estate agents. Connect all your property porfolios with tenants, buyers, owners/landlords, sellers and service providers. Easily create bill, send invoice, confirm payments and remit to property owners.
Technology Services
We are offering full life cycle development. We design, build, test and delivers innovative enterprised based technology services. We are great with Agile, SaaS, Cloud, Enterprise, Mobile, Data Management, Network and Cyber Security Solution.
Systems Integration
Our extensive experience of integration projects, both software-solutions solutions and specific business-oriented systems, has taught us that successful integration does not stop at the interconnection of networked systems.
Business Process Automation
Ready to transfer your strategy into business processes? Get real expertise from us. We have a unique expertise in BPS and shared services built on experience acquired over a number of years.
Support Outsourcing
We offers full-time, on-line, on-site and on-time technology facilities managements and supports Ensuring 99.9% resources availability, pro-active upgrade and maintenance schedule with state of the art change management techniques.

Why Choose Plucom
 See our competitive advantage to lean how we standout from competition
Simple and effective
Our products and solutions are easy to implement, easy to use and user-friendly.
Secured & Reliability
End-to-end data encryption, top notch security policy ensure safety & security of customer data and transaction across all platforms.
Scalability of our solutions make it easy for you to select the modules you wish to implement now and can add more later.
Quick & Easy Deploment
Enjoy speedy product deployment.
You can choose to deploy on cloud, on-premise or both.
Flexibility makes it easy for customization of our solutions for your organization. All our business solutions can be customized to meet your all your business needs.
Support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can submit support ticket online, send support email or call.

Helping millions of users and hundred's businesses everyday
We are serving millions of users and hundred's of businesses everyday with our software solutions & services, web services, apps, technology solutions and business supports

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