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Plucom cloud development and services is offering cloud services and application development, integration and hybrid cloud data migration.

Cloud computing has become the ideal way to deliver enterprise applications—and the preferred solution for companies extending their infrastructure or launching new innovations. Cloud computing is an abstraction of compute, storage, and network infrastructure assembled as a platform on which applications and systems can be deployed quickly and scaled on the fly. Crucial to cloud computing is self-service: Users can simply fill in a web form and get up and running. The vast majority of cloud customers consume public cloud computing services over the internet, which are hosted in large, remote data centers maintained by cloud providers.

We are offering business management tools, services and applications suit for storage, accessing and processing of critital business data covering enterprise resources plannning (ERP), customer relationsip management (CRM), financials, human capital and resources management.

Plucom Cloud Services is portforlio of enterprise cloud apps and web services that is helping individual and businesses to connect with customers and finances,  manage operations, workflows and resources from anywhere. It's an affordable software services with flexible plan and pricing suitable for everyone..

Our Cloud ERP is Comprehensive and affordable business management applications and solutions that will fits perfectly with business by providing solutions for all daily front office and back office operations, administrative and management operations,  financial transactions and internal business processes workflow automations. OneBusiness is an essential tools to run your entire business.

Improves efficiency of business management by providing real-time data access and accounts management of all sales, purchases with loads of analytical data. OneBusiness cloud services is available as software-as-a-services(SaaS) and can be deployed as hybrid cloud for businesses.

Our hybrid cloud integration is helping businesses to leverage cloud infrastructure to grow and expand their business at a a very fast space by offering data sharing, service sharing and resources control without up-shooting budget.

Enjoy the flexibility of busines management anytime, anywhere, mimimize managing cost, maximize profits and improve customer services without compromising quality of service delivery.

If you are ready to transform your business and life, improve performance and productivity, reduce cost of running business, track growth and gain insight, Plucom Cloud Development & Services is the best option for your organization. To get started contact us today or speak to our expert to discuss your project with us and also to request a quotation.

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