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Plucom Healthcare ERP/EMR/EHR Software

All-in-one, Cloud EMR & Medical Billing and Accounting Software.

Comprehensive healthcare enterprise resources planning software and electronic medical records that connect all health center departments, operations, services, workflows and processces.
 It's an all-in-one, Cloud EMR & Medical Billing and Accounting Software.

lucom Healthcare ERP is an web-based, multi-user, comprehensive, flexible workflow, easy-to-use, affordable solution for health services management. Adapting to the unique demands of each health centers, it is an integrated healthcare service information system that requires no major capital investment. It improves efficiency by automating manual functions, streamlining workflows and bridging gaps between multiple information systems. With unlimited functionalitiees and modules that can be customied to uit the need of different centers and modalities of operations. Plucom Healthcare ERP improves efficiency by filling existing gaps.

Connect all your health center departments, workflows and processes.

Plucom Healthcare ERP is an innovative cloud based Healthcare ERP. It's an electronic medical record, electronic health record and medical billing software. It helps to connect all health center departments and processes automations and transform your entire administrative, clinical and medical services operation. A complete information and knowledge based services that help you to improve decision making, quality of healthcare service delivery, medical practice performance and care of patients and clients experience.

Get unparallel freedom of choice, boost your business value with customer-proven best practice and simplify your business infrastructure for alignment and scale. Plucom EMR 360 is an essential and powerful tools you need to transform your practice management and move it to the next level.

Plucom Healthcare ERP can be used on cloud or deployed on your premise with option for hybrid cloud integration. It can also be customize to suit your center requirements.

Healthcare ERP Features

 Unlimited patients
 Unlimited billing
 Unlimited appointments
 Unlimited  medical reports
 Unlimited  users
 Patient Portal
 Physician Portal
 Email & SMS Communication
 Easy to use
 Scalable & flexible
 Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
 Secured access
 24/7 support
 Online Help& Manual
 On-site Training
 On-premise deployment

Healthcare ERP modules
Patient Demographics Electronic Medical Records Medical Services Management Medical Billing & Accounting Appointments Scheduling Nurse Module Documents, Forms & Templates Hospital, Physician and Hmo's Medical Consultation Laboratory (LIS) Radiology (RIS) Pharmacy Patient Portal Physician Portal Hybrid Cloud Integration Email & SMS Reporting Integrated Financial Accounting Human Resourses & Payroll Procurements Management Marketers & Refferers Management Management Reports Financial Reports Store Management Contact & Communication

 Healthcare centers and care facilities

 Laboratory & Diagnotics Center
 Radiology & Imaging Center
 Primary Care
 Pain Management
 All healthcare facilities

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