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Xpert HMS is a comprehensive, flexible and affordable web-based solution for human resources management. It is a made in Nigeria human resources solution for Nigeria’s organization with built in local content with understanding of local business operating environment.

What all HR managers are looking for

Xpert HMS is the choice of all human resources manager. It is simple to use and user friendly. It eliminate the stress HR managers normally go throught while trying to put everything together and up to date. With just few clicks, you will have 100% control and management of all your employee records, a comprehensive dashboard give you overview of company directory, pending tasks, leave and travels, expenses, payroll trends, and lots more.

Ease of use

Xpert HMS logical interface designs with global organization perspectives makes it very simple and easy to use. HR managers start using Xpert HMS without any training. All menus and functionalities are listed logically, you will never get lost thinking of what to do next. Therefore, our solutions are designed for maximum configurability to ensure greater flexibility. Xpert HMS has an intuitive interface which is brilliantly simple to use.


Xpert HMS offer tools necessary to automate all HR processes. The system tracks every aspects of the employee life-cycle from recruitment, employee growth and eventually exit.

Flexibility of implementation

Xpert HMS is easily customizable to reflect the issues specific to your company. You can also pick and choose a module, or combination of modules that best suit your needs. It can be deployed on cloud or on-premised. We offer installation and training of the solution across the country. Cloud-based implementation model is simple, low cost of ownership and supports, seamless software updates and integration issues.

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