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Are you planning moving your healthcare center to the next level  by avoiding data duplication and go paperless? Healthserv is the right solution you need. Healthserv is  suit of healthcare service management solutions that caters for different kind of health center facilities.

No matter the kind of health service you are running, regardless of the type of management, departmental or organization structure, Healthserv will surely fits in, plus we can customize it to work just the way you want it.

If you are running
hospitals, clinics, medical diagnotic service, lab service,  chiropractic services, ophthalmology services, radiology and imaging services or any form of  medical service outlet, Healthserv is here to make your to make your patients happy, get job done easily and quickly, share and manage information accross all departments, improve health service delivery workflow and help you to reduce time and save cost without compromising quality of service.

Get it now, you will be glad you did.
Healthserv is web-based, comprehensive healthcare service  management solution

Healthserv is a comprehensive health management software that connects all health center departments and processes. It is a multi-user software that covers your health service workflow, from patient record management, health record management to appointment scheduling, billing, diagnosis, treatments, drug billing, dispensing and medical reporting.

Healthserv manages in-patient and outpatient patient consultation,  medication, admission, medication, patient payments and statements . With  integrated financial accounting, it gives healthcare adiministrator realtime comprehensive financial and management reports for timely decision making. 

Healthserv software is made up of modules that can be easily customized and implemented for different health centers such as Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Laboratory,  Chiropractic centers, Ophthalmology, Radiology & Imaging centers.
Showing you your health center at a glance

Healthserv connect all your center departments such as care administrator, front desk/reception, records & billing, cashier & accounts, pharmacy, medics, nurses,technicians, documents & reports,  laboratory and store

Healthserv Patient Overview gives you access to all patient  activities at a glance. It empowers you to do all patient related actions with just few clicks. You can see the patient's demographics, upcoming appointments, latest medication, new medical records and monitor the billing.

With comprehensive medical activities automation, your health center officers will be able to carry out their work with just few clicks, reducing time and stress. The billing module makes it possible for invoice to be raised for patients for any kind of services. Information are synchronized across all departments for efficiency and realtime correspondences. Schedule appointment for patient,  create and manage all patient consultation record like consultations, diagnostics, prescriptions and treatments.
Effective and flexible patient medical record management system

"Avoiding data duplication is the key factor for you to deloy healthserv. By eliminating or reducing data duplication in all department, you will gain 50% improve in service quality and delivery time and also save 50% cost of running administrative tasks. "

With Healthserv patient record are shared and are available right on every desks. Create and manage patients records is easily and can be updated as patient move from one department to another.

Patient Chart display concise view of patient medical activities, history and reports. Information such as previous consultation, diagnosis history, treatments history, drug prescriptions, images and documents, invoice and payment statement are readily available.

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Key functionalities of Healthserv
Appointment Scheduling & Booking Easily create and manage complex patient appointment scheduling across locations and make good impression from the start.
Patient Check-In Drastically reduce intake processing time. Our intelligent form management knows which forms patient need for each visit. It automatically organizes and files every page
Patient Billing & Payments Easily accept patient request and services, accurately bill patient and generate invoice and allow payment collections and automatically generate and print payment receipt.
Healthcare center work-flow Optimize resources through a unified work list and ergonomic workflows. Maximize productivity and leverage the freedom of choice with web reporting template and tool.
Operational Analytics Gain insight on trends and key performance indicator metrics with a real-time analytics dashboard
Distribution & Transition of Care Collaborating with specialist and coordinate transition of care with referring physicians using results, image and report sharing online portal and automated distributions
Electronic Health Record Interoperability Automated clinical data extraction that enhances physician productivity. Easily exchange data across multiple location, systems and enterprises
Referral Marketing Using real-time data, gain greater market share by expanding territories and increasing referral volumes.
Custom Reporting The application offers generation of various report. With just a click, any kind of information can be queried from the system. Example of report you can get are historical patient information, billing & payment report, referral report, patient reports, debtors report, etc.
Key benefits of Healthserv to your healthcare center

Improve Workflow Efficiency Discover a comprehensive healthcare management system fully tailored to improve workflow efficiency and lower costs. Healthserv supports image and results sharing and interoperability. It enables departments to address critical operational issues without capital expense. Features include cloud reporting with speech recognition, critical findings, flexible scheduling, physician portals, and a health center CRM with real-time data.

Improve Patient Care Improve patient care with Healthserv. It features a flexible, easily integrated ecosystem with real time interface engine connecting multiple entities and systems. No matter how you prefer to generate your reports and documents, the application will craft a solution tailored to fit your care operation’s needs. We make it fit. Just for you.

Leverage Your Business With Best Technology Healthserv serves as your business partner enabling you to leverage best-of-breed technologies with white glove service and support. With 24-hour access to patient documentation, electronic sign-off processes, management and analytical tools.

With improved efficiencies in productivity:
With improved efficiencies in productivity:
With improved efficiencies in productivity:
With improved efficiencies in productivity:
With improved efficiencies and productivity Healthserv will also help your business to maximize limited resources, measure performance, reduce duplication and errors, streamline revenue cycles, enable cost savings and improve transparency.
Healthserv Modules
Healthserv is a web-based, comprehensive, flexible workflow, easy-to-use, affordable, built on reliable and secured technology platform.

Adapting to the unique demands of each health centers, it is an integrated health service information system that requires no major capital investment and improves efficiency by automating manual functions, streamlining workflows and bridging gaps between multiple information systems.

Healthserv improves efficiency by filling existing gaps.
With over 300 functional modules and sub-modules, Healthserv is a game changer.
Get it now!

Getting started i
s easy, fill our request quote  form and tells us what kind of health service you are running. We are sure to give you modules you required to manage your business with price that will fit with your budget.

No additional hardware or software required!
is web-based, it will rightly work on your current desktop, laptop and all mobile devices.

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