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Outsourced Technical Support Services

We offers full-time, on-line, on-site and on-time technology facilities managements and supports
Ensuring 99.9% resources availability, pro-active upgrade and maintenance schedule with state of the art change management techniques.
Technical Support

Our Technical Support Services or Technical Support refers to a plethora of services by which we provide assistance to users of technology products and services such as computer hardware maintenance and repair, software products maintenance or other IT equipments.

In general, our technical support services attempt to help the users solve specific problems with a product, rather than providing training, customization, or other support services. We offer technical support for other products we sell.

Oursourced Services

n-site Technical Support
 Infrastructure Management
 Network Design, Installation and Managemement
 Systems Updrading & Repair
 System Integration Service
 Security Management
 Network Monitoring
 Database Management
 Data Backup & Recovery
 Document Management
 Power, UPS and Inveters
 Business & IT Consulting

Scope of Service

We understands that today every business relies heavily on Information Technology (IT) as a driver for business processes and success. It is our duty and interest to provide high level support of servers, workstation, software, intranet, internet and others devices/systems running on IT Infrastructure. This is to help our clients to achieve their vision, to reflect current trends, improve productivity as well as reduce total cost of running these infrastructures.

 Ensuring 99.9% Infrastructure Uptime
 Effective, reliable and on-time infrastructure support
 Ensuring availability of technical personnel whenever and wherever it is need
 Support and management of network
 Advice and recommendations for the improvement of the delivery of services
 Proactive Services to help prevent problems and increase system availability
 Ensuring stability and availability of servers and applications
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HR & Payroll
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