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We understands from our clients the difficulties they undergoes while sourcing for relevant and right talents and skills to hold various job positions in their respective organizations. There are loads of expert out there with different skills but they have difficulties in pursing their choose career because they could not get linked to right place where their skills are most wanted.

Plucom Recruitments is here to help our clients get the right person for their new positions by pulling candidates with needed skills from our database. Our focus is to connect employers with required professionals who can help them gain increased value and a competitive edges.

"Talent. It’s not enough to find it. You’ve got to know what to do with it. "

We connect the most experienced professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client. Our purpose is in recruiting highly skilled professionals on a temporary, contract and permanent basis.
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Ready for your next career challenge, here is the right place for you. We’ll place you on the right job that is matched with your skills. Gaining insightful working experience while pursuing your personal career goals. We are offering to our client’s temporary, permanent and contract staff recruitments. From customer support staff to technical support staff,  project, brand, product developer and manager to CRM/ERP.
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