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The best solution for your retail business

asily set up your POS  inventory, sell products, process payment, print receipts and get real-time inventory,sales and customer reports.

Streamline your retail checkout process for your employees and customers. SalesPro provides your business with register that stores product information, making checkout process quicker and more accurate for your customers.

Keep tracks of your retail business

Track sales and customers made on timely basis, spot trends, gain insight and manage your business with just few click. SalesPro is easy to navigate and is compatible with various devices.

Save time when ringing up sales and preventing cashier errors. SalesPro is the best choice for your retail store  regardless of what you are selling.

SalesPro is a made in Nigeria point of sales and inventory software, built to suit the local retail business environment and can be customized further to suit yor local business idea.

Achieve more with less effort with SalesPro

Sale products to your customers
Give full or part payment receipt to customers
Set product price and give discounts to your customers

Get instance snapshot of your sales and inventory
Simplifies purchase orders, transfers, returns, adjustments and stock-takes
Customers information management and customer purchase history
Connect to your e-commerce site
Custom reporting
Run customers loyalty program
Shops that are using SalesPro
Fashion Boutiques
Shopping Malls
Computer & Electronics Shops
Phone & Accessories Shops
Fabric Store
Health & Beauty
Car Wash
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Take your business to the next level

SalesPro is what you need to monitor your retail businesses. SalesPro will help you to reduce losses, eliminate  theft, ensures accountabilities and accuracies.

With SalesPro you will have 100% control of your business with just little time and attention. Use your time to think of how you will grow and take your business to the next level.

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