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Renewing existing rents
There are many ways or medium to renew existing rents.
You can do that via the rent roll
You can initiate rent renewal on the dashboard
You can also renew rent using the Renew Rent button on the rent page.

Renewing rent on rent roll page
Rent roll page list all existing rents
Click on Renew button on the particular rent you want to renew

Once you click on renew button, this will take to rent renewal page
On rent renewal page, you will see the detail of the existing rents.

Setup the commission and fees
Setup the rent period
Click on calculate Rents & Dues to calculate the summary
Review the summary and click on submit button to renew the rent

Check the Agent commission fee, Late fee, Agency fee, New start date before submission.
Also check the rental cost, due to landlord, management fee, etc.

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