SIMS-Cloud is a powerful and comprehensive cloud-based school management solution that helps school administrator to effectively manages school informations and resources & easily buid a connction with teachers, students, parents.
SIMS-Cloud is helping great number of schools every day.
It an alternative and effective way to simplify school management functions and reduce manual and paper works.
Key Benefits of SIMS-Cloud
Reduces administration cost and time by reducing paper works, offers effective resources management and speed up processes.
Increase productivity and reduce the time and effort without leverage on quality.
SIMS help administrator to manage schools information and accurately organize data.
Data sharing becomes flexible with everyone having access to schools information on the go.
Offers Realtime monitoring  of studen behaviour, performance and achievements.
Create flexible work environment to administrators and teachers with access to data anytime, anywhere.
Easily manage school finances with integrated accounting solution.
Offers parent online acess to ward performance, behavior, report cards and also offers smooth communication with the school any time, anywhere.
Flexible, Secured, User-friendly, Web-based and Mobile Ready

SIMS-Cloud was designed from ground up to accommodate a wide variety of schools functional requirements. It offers enterprise-level availability, data protection, and security. Users need minimal or no training to use the app. It is built to be an enjoyable with intuitive experience.

It is web-based, providing real-time access to all features anytime, anwhere. It is mobile ready for school administrators, teachers, students, and parents. XpertSchool’s suite of mobile- and tablet-friendly tools mean you can access it on any device.
Integrated end-to-end school financial management solutions

SIMS-Cloud is offering an integrated financial accounting management solution. This give school administrator a one stop shop for complete school information management. Now your school can have a system that can deeply integrate the entire school lifecycle.

Our integrated services are offered for an additional functionalities to all or business applications by providing such capabilities an app could not have achieved on its own.

These integrated services include our XpertLedger App, XpertHRMS App, Website Designs & Hosting Service, Online Admissions, Learning Management Systems, Computer Based Test plus our other  propective software research projects on-going.
SIMS-Cloud Modules


 SIMS-Cloud features automate the seamless flow of information between school administrator, students, teachers and parents.
All modules are connected to a single integrated database, there is no need to purchase as different app.
School Information Management
Student Information Management
Student Performance Management
School Fees Manager
Parents Online Access
Human Resources & Payroll
Integrated Accounting
Dashboard & Reports
Sims-Cloud is Affordable
Modules Standard Pro
School Information Management
Students Information Management
Student Performance Management
School Fees Manager  
Parent Online Access
Human Resources & Payroll  
Integrated Accounting  
Dashboard & Reports
Software Update Technical Support
Computer Based Test  
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Purchasing and implementing SIMS-Cloud software is only the beginning.
Once your portal is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success. 
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