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Core business solutions are what we offers.
All our products & soltions are web-based, customizable, easy-to-use, affordable and
can be easily be integrated with your infrastructures.
Plucom eProcure (ERP)   
  Plucom e-Procure (ERP) is feature rich web-based application dedicated for Requisition, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. From requisition entry through to order fulfillment, e-procurement (ERP) incorporate all the tools needed to centralize and run your purchasing operation. Sourcing, Approvals, Purchase Order, Goods Receiving, Inventory Control, Order Tracking, Contract Management, Asset Management and the generating and managing of Requests for Quotations are all available from within the system.
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Plucom RadServe   
  Plucom RAdserve an end-to-end radiology service management software. It is a web-based application for management of radiology service and imaging centers centers from appointment scheduling, patient registration and billing, to payment, receipting, reporting and collection.
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Plucom XpertLedger   
  XpertLedger is an integrated easy-to-use accounting solution for small and medium businesses. Integrate and connect to all your business accounts, providing you with new opportunities to streamline your business processes. XpertLedger is a robust, comprehensive, flexible and affordable accounting management software. Our solutions are customizable.
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Plucom HRMS   
  XpertHrms is the choice of human resources managers. It is simple to use and user friendly people management solution. Eliminating the stress HR managers normally go throught while trying to put everything together and up to date. With just few clicks, you will have 100% control of all your employee records, a comprehensive dashboard give you overview of company directory, tasks, leave and travels, expenses, payroll trends, staff evaluation, promotion, exit and lots more.
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  RentProe formerlly known as RentPro is an advanced web-based property management software built on a world-class, multi-tiered architecture. It allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service. It enables you to store in one place property portfolio records which are optimized for fast searching and collaboration.
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  Salespro is the best solution for your retail business. Easily set up your point of sales inventory, sell products, process payment, print receipts and get real-time inventory, stock, sales and customer reports. Streamline your retail checkout process for your employees and customers. Salespro provides your business with register that stores product information, making checkout process quicker and more accurate for your customers.
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  Healthserve is an integrated easy-to-use healthcare center information management solution that connects all departments. Healthserve is a suitable solution for medical centers, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies and imaging centers with outpatients and inpatients. Healthserve is an end-to-end solution for medical practitioners. From patient registration,  appointments schedule, visits, patient vitals, billing, payment, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, reporting, drug prescription, drug dispensing, laboratory and patient timeline, patient statement and  documentation.
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Plucom WebShop   
  Get your e-commerce & online shopping cart running. WebShop gives you the ability sell products online. Manage store, products, orders, customers, shipping, payments and deliveries.
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SIMS-Cloud is a powerful and comprehensive cloud-based school management solution that helps school administrator to effectively manages school informations and resources & easily buid a connction with teachers, students, parents.          
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ProcureAgent (ERP)
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