Who We Are

Plucom Technology is a software development, web application development,
technical support and business systems consulting company in Nigeria.
We build, innovate, design, develop and delivers world-class enterprised technology solutions for businesses.
We offers software development services and technical supports that drives business goals and objectives to the next level.

" Company-wide, Plucom provides innovative software solutions and technical support that help our customers to streamline business processes while maximizing profits."

Our Promise

Our promise to all our customers is to give them a world-class solutions that works.
We promise to continue improving our products, solutions & services.
And finally we will there to offer them on-time technical support.

Mission statements

To provide information technology solutions & services for businesses.

To delivers seamless, low cost, reliable, effective and robust end-to-end software solutions to all our clients.

To continously improve on our products and services with state-of-the-art tools to meet with our customers expectations

Why Plucom

Quality Services
 We offers world class and quality business software services. All our software products are integrated to aid Enterprise Resources Planning  (ERP) and  facilitated with financial accounting & budgettng.

Flexible Solutions
All our business solutions are flexible.
Because we are the owners of our solutions, you just tell us your custom requirements, we'll blow your mind. We will offer you a solution that change as your business decisions changes.
With Plucom, you will get customizable, low cost, easy to use and scalable business centric solutions

Fantastic Support
Our support staff are available 24  hours a day, 7 days a week..
Submit support ticket, send us email or call.
on-line and on-site technical support are available any time, anywhere.

Our strategy

We listen to and serve our clients, discern market trends and continually improve our solutions and services providing maximum scalability and return on investment.


Our products and solutions are flexible, easy to implement, easy to use and user-friendly. Shared services allows you to use a solution bundle of embedded functionalities across multiple departments, while ensuring optimization and security in each area. Flexibility makes it easy for customization of our solutions for your organization.


All our solutions are scalable, web-based applications and are modular in design. You only purchase the applications you need now, and can easily add more later. Synergistic benefits are achieved when applications are bundled together, resulting in more power and robust reporting.

The Team

Plucom Technology was founded and run by dynamic thinkers.
These are people with passions, dedications, focus, abilities, trainings, knowledge and vast experiences in technologies, busines systems and business managements.

Wakil Sanni
Founder & CEO

John Adeyeye
 Head Technology Development

 Sanni Basirat
Head Admin and Operation

Our history

We are offering a flexible and dynamic custom solutions for businesses in Nigeria. Since 2009, we have been busy in providing customer-driven software, web applications, web services, system integrations, technical supports,  consulting services for clients.

The future is brighter

We will become leader in providing affordable and scalable software solutions to businesses.
At Plucom, Kaizen is our watch word. We do make sure that each and every products and services we delivered is  improved upon on a regular and timely basis to meet and surpass our customers current and future requirements.

Do you know what?

All our customers are happy!

We are the master of our games.


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