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Secured, Reliable, Customizable, Affordable & Scalable Web-based ERP Software and Business Intelligent Solutions Digital Business Transformation & System Integrations Services
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RentPro is a "Powerfull" Cloud Property Management Software.
Convinient, easy to use and effective property management solution on the go

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Powerful Software for Smart Business
Plucom Software simplifies business management with essential and powerful business applications.
We're are offering SaaS and enterprise custom business software solutions to small & medium businesse.
Purchasing our software product is only the beginning, after implementation, support becomes key to long-term success..
Improve business efficiency, productivity and profits with our business software.
You can choose from ranges of our software products that fit your business needs.
Property Management Software
RentPro App is a "Powerfull" Cloud-Based Property Management Software. Connects your property porfolios with tenants, buyers, property owners, sellers and associates. Create bill, send invoice, confirm payment and remit to home owers. RentPro is your property management solution on the go.
Health Service Management Software
Connect all your health center departments, processes and workflows. HealthServ is a multi-user web-based health service information management software that covers overall health center services administration and information managements.Suitable for hospitals, clinic, labs, etc.
Custom e-Procurement Software
Simplified purchasing automation, efficiency, and control for requisitions, purchase orders, RFQ's, and invoices. ProcureAgent (ERP) is a customizable web-based, end-to-end e-procurement solution that helps you reduce costs and achieve greater transparency.
POS, Inventory & Accounting
Streamline your retail shop checkout process for your employees and customers. SalesPro provides your business with inventory and accounting solution to store and sell products, make bill and collect payment
School Information Management
Plucom-SIMS is a powerful and comprehensive school management solution that helps administrator to effectively manages informations,resources & easily buid a connection with teachers, students, parents.
Services & Solutions
We offers ranges of customer-oriented technology services for businesses.
Transparency, professionalism, technical know how, on-time delivery and effective communication are the fundamental of our services.
Development Services
We are offering full life cycle development. We design, build, test and delivers innovative enterprised based technology services. We are great with Agile, SaaS, Cloud, Enterprise, Mobile, Data Management, Network and Cyber Security Solution.
Technical Support Oursourcing
We offers full-time, on-line, on-site and on-time technology facilities managements and supports Ensuring 99.9% resources availability, pro-active upgrade and maintenance schedule with state of the art change management techniques.
Systems Integration
Our extensive experience of integration projects, both software-solutions solutions and specific business-oriented systems, has taught us that successful integration does not stop at the interconnection of networked systems.
Business Systems Consulting
With our Transformation Consulting, you can optimally use your IT resources to meet your changing business requirements and promote enterprise-wide adoption of Business Process Management (BPM) and service orientation.
ICT Training
We provides training and certificate program possible in IT. We also offer training and certification preparation course available in the market with best in class infrastructure for learning carried out by skilled professionals
Power Your Business
Ready to transfer your strategy into business processes? Get real expertise from us. We can help you ensure that every Naira your organization spends on IT leads to increased business performance. Count on business and technology expertise that can make a real difference in how quickly you can meet your goals.

200+ Businesses uses our solutions everyday
Over 200 businesses across the country and beyond run their customer centric business operations and internal enterprise resources management with our software, systems integration and technical support services every day.
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Our support center runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
You can start live chat, create support ticket, send email or call our support lines.
We are here to help you.
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